Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Mix do an Inclusive Workshop in Göttingen 24.11.2012

The Mix found themselves in a new roll today, they travelled to the city of Göttingen and met up with 12 people with various handicaps who want to become musicians. It was a very tight schedule, so work began very early at around 9 O'clock. All the participants were given the chance to work on the music and the lyrics for 2 new songs, which would be presented in the evening before The Mix gave a concert. The hard work paid off in a big way. The concert was open to the general public and the concert hall was full. The kids took to the stage and presented the 2 songs as if they had been working on them a lot longer than eight hours.They were so proud and their parents were more prouder. The Mix then took to the stage and played for one hour, presenting all of the new songs from their forthcoming Album "Wo geht die Reise hin".

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