Wednesday, November 27, 2013

20.04.2013 Pop meets Classic in the VW Arena in Braunschweig 6000 People

This must have been the biggest gig for The Mix so far. Playing in front an audience of 6000 people, it became a memorable occasion. Supported by an orchestra and by a Rockband plus backgrounds, the scene was set for something special. The Mix kicked off with the song "Wo geht die Reise hin"
meaning "where is the journey taking us" It's all about Inclusion and acceptance in society for people with special needs. The second song "Lass mich so sein wie ich bin" meaning "Let me be the way I am" brought down the house and the only standing ovation of the evening. What a special event this was for everyone involved.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mix Concert Kreishandwerkerschaft Süd Niedersachsen. 01.02.2013

This was an event where young people who have just completed an apprentiship are honoured. The Mix were asked to do the honours on the music side of things and played an hour set. This was a great evening.

The Mix are chosen to play at the Xmas Unplugged show in the Brunsviga and bring down the house. 15.12.2012

The Mix had the honour of kicking off the show in the nicely filled Brunsviga. Each act has a spot for 30 minutes, which means play your best songs. The show ended on a crescendo and people shouting for more which is the way it should be. It is now clear that The Mix are building up a pretty good reputation and are playing more and more in normal circles. Good times are acoming.

The Mix Support a Political Evening in The Dornse 06.12.2012

The Theme was once again Inclusion and many high profile politicians from the state of lower saxony were present to take part in the discussions, Stephan Weil the Minister President of Lower Saxony also spoke. The Mix were supported on this evening by two prominent musicians from The Band Jazzkantine, Heie and Jürgen keyboards and saxophone. The joint was rocking.

The Mix Played a concert for The Rotary club in Braunschweig and raise money for the planned US tour in 2014. 25.11.2012

The Mix do an Inclusive Workshop in Göttingen 24.11.2012

The Mix found themselves in a new roll today, they travelled to the city of Göttingen and met up with 12 people with various handicaps who want to become musicians. It was a very tight schedule, so work began very early at around 9 O'clock. All the participants were given the chance to work on the music and the lyrics for 2 new songs, which would be presented in the evening before The Mix gave a concert. The hard work paid off in a big way. The concert was open to the general public and the concert hall was full. The kids took to the stage and presented the 2 songs as if they had been working on them a lot longer than eight hours.They were so proud and their parents were more prouder. The Mix then took to the stage and played for one hour, presenting all of the new songs from their forthcoming Album "Wo geht die Reise hin".

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Mix are very special guests at the opening of the new factory for people with special needs in Braunschweig. 16.11.2012

The Mix in The Emmaus Church in Braunschweig 04.11.2012

The Mix once again had the oppurtunity of playing in front of a full house in the Emmaus Church on the west side of town. The Theme being Inclusion, Integration, Acceptance and Toleranz. Many of The Songs from The Mix are tailor made for such events, as the lyrics deal with most of these social themes. After the concert The Mix were invited to an after Event meal and mingled with Speakers and the congregation. An Excellent afternoon was had by all.