Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This Blog is in the Process of being updated, there will be lots of photos and other stuff added soon. :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Denmark the Arhus Festival days 02 - 04.09.2013

Back among Friends in Arhus the Second largest City in Denmark, This is a nice Little Festival, there could be a few more people, but you can't always have everything. We played 2 gigs and had a lot of fun.

Destedt Jazz Festival 18.08.2013

This was a one off Experiment for The Mix. Jan Heie Erchinger one of Braunschweigs Most Gifted
Musicians rehearsed our Set with us and jazzed it up a little. The crowd gave us plenty of encouragement. It was a Great afternoon and a worthy experiment.

Endlich Theatre celebrates it's New Theatre 16.08.2013

The Mix were Asked to do. the Musical honours at the Opening of theatre Endlichs new Theatre, along with two other bands The Mix put on a Great Show in the packed Theatre.

Rock on The Wabe 10.08.2013

This was the fifth Rock an der Wabe Festival in a row, 6 Bands Good Weather and 1500 People.
This integrative Festival is one of the largest of it's Kind in Europe. And is growing from Year to Year.

The Mix are filmed for a documentory on German Television 28.06.2013

Click on the link below to See the the Short film made about "The Mix" it is in German but easy to understand.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dowesee Festival in Braunschweig 21.06.2013

to be continued

The University of the Ostfalia Graduation Party Wolfenb├╝ttel 19.06.2013

This Gig was another example of how far The Mix have developed in the last 4 years. We were asked to do the musical honours for the Graduation Party along with a non disabled band under normal circumstances, if they like you they show it, if not they show it too. This is in inclusion folks, being treated normally.

Summerstage Festival in Wolfsburg 06.06.2013

This event was the first of its kind in Wolfsburg the Volkswagen city, The grounds of the Wolfsburg castle were full to the brim. Three bands with members with special needs took to the stage and gave the crowd a night to remember. The Rock Wolfen, The Mix and the Jacob Jensen Band from Denmark played collectively for 3 hours and the castle was still full at end the of the concert. there was lots of interest.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

50 years Lebenshilfe in Gifhorn 1st of June 2013

It was the 50th anniversary of the Lebenshilfe meaning ( Helping Life) in the town of Gifhorn. The Mix were one of the bands doing the musical honours, The party took place in the grounds of the palace in Gifhorn. We enjoyed ourselves.

Goslar Cinema A gig for Inclusion 14.05.2013

The Mix Supported a University in the town of Goslar, The Students wanted to present a day for Inclusion, A film was shown and The Mix played both sides of the film. The old Cinema was pretty full and the atmosphere was great

The Mix Play three dates at the German Church Days in Hamburg 02.05.2013 - 04.05.2013

So much culture, so many nice people and great weather. These were 3 really eventfull and fun days.
The Mix played in 3 different parts of Hamburg and each day held something different. On The last day we supported Joachim Gauk The German President as he spoke in one of the large halls at the Hamburg Expo.

The Mix work for Inclusion in Society 22.04 2013

One of the most important jobs The Mix have to do, is promoting the acceptance for People with Special needs in our Society. It is going to be a tough ride but The Mix are experiencing a good success in this direction. The gig in The Wilhelm College was together with two Bands from the college and it's all about playing and being appreciated in the normal way. It was a great evening with 3 good bands.